Prometheus Bound Books

Frequently Asked Questions

The Book

  1. Can I have any book?
    Yes, if it is not on our site we will source it for you
  2. What happens if the book I want isn’t listed on the website?
    Please email or phone us and we will source it for you, and then contact you to give you a price for the book, the binding of your choice and any messages you wish included on the book.
  3. Can I send you a book?
    Yes, before proceeding, we will give you a quote to bind it in your choice of one of our bindings. Please send all your contact details with your book together details of the binding you have selected and of any messages you wish included on the book.
  4. What happens if my book needs repair?
    We do not normally undertake book restoration. If you wish us to bind your own book and are unsure as to whether it needs restoration, please contact us before sending it to us so we can advise you.
  5. Will you help me find a particular book?
    Our team can source most books, including out of print editions. Please email us with details of the book you require and we will advise you as to what is available and relevant prices.
  6. Will you help with suggesting titles when I don’t know what I want?
    Yes, if you contact us with your ideas we will get a list of suitable books together for you (both in and out of print to give you the fullest choice possible).
  7. Can I return my book if I don’t like it?
    Because all books are bound to order and each one is unique it is not normally possible to return a book unless there is something wrong with the book or binding.
  8. How do I look after my book?
    Each book is hand bound by craftsmen and we use a variety of materials in our bindings. Care should be used if the books are placed in a bookcase to ensure that they are not too tightly packed. They are intended to be read and handled normally but care should be taken to ensure that they do not come into contact with grease or water. Leather can be polished using a Leather Binding Polish and patent leather can be polished with a soft cloth.
  9. How do I return a faulty book?
    You must inspect your book immediately upon receipt and, if for any reason, the book and/or its binding is not in accordance with your order or is defective in any way you must notify us immediately but in any event within 7 days of receipt by contacting us on +44 20 7351 3070 (open 9.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) or by e-mail to You will then be asked to return the book to us and if we agree with your complaint we will at your option either replace the book or refund you the amount paid by you onto the card used for the original order.

The Binding

  1. Will you advise on suitable covers?
    Yes, if you contact us we will give you our expert advice. Our Gift Recommendations already have suggested bindings to get you started.
  2. Can I have any book in any binding?
    Mostly yes,but there are a few exceptions which are marked clearly on your book choice.
  3. Can I collect your covers over time?
    Please do! We will be adding to the range all the time but will always have every cover material in stock at any time.
  4. Can I have initials on the book?
    Up to three initials are included in the price.
  5. How much do initials cost?
    Up to three initials are included in the price, please contact us if you would like more than three on your book.
  6. Can I have a message on the book?
    Yes, you can put your message on either the front or the back of the book, apart from on some of the bindings (this is specified in the fabric description)
  7. How much do messages cost?
    Front and back messages cost £11.00 per line (up to 36 characters including spaces per line)
  8. Can I have a logo or other designs included on a book?
    Yes, we would be happy to do that for you. Please contact us and we will discuss this with you and give you a quote.
  9. I want to rebind quite a lot of books, can you do this?
    We would be delighted to. Please contact us for help and advice.
  10. I am sending a book as a present, can you gift wrap it?
    All our books are gift wrapped in black tissue with the gold Prometheus Bound sticker.
  11. Can you enclose a card with a book sent as a gift?
    Every Prometheus Bound book comes with a bookmark and we can hand write a message on this for you. There is a space on the website for you to give us the wording for a bookmark message. There is no charge for this service.

The Order

  1. Can I change my mind on an order?
    During your selection process on the site you will be asked to confirm or change your order and will be able to do that up to checkout. We will send you a confirmation email of that order. Once an order has been placed and accepted it is not normally possible to withdraw the order as each book is individually bound against each order.
  2. How can I pay?
    The website allows for credit and debit card payments through a secure encrypted site


  1. Can I elect a specific delivery date?
    Delivery will be up to three weeks from date of order, so, unfortunately you cannot specify the exact date.
  2. How will you send me my book?
    Your book will be sent in a customised Prometheus Bound Postal box and delivered by signed for courier service.
  3. When can I expect to receive my book?
    We deliver up to three weeks from date of order.

Future Contact

  1. Will I receive unsolicited marketing from you?
    We do not send marketing other than to customers who have opted in to receive it. Information regarding new products and new bindings will be highlighted on our website from time to time and details of these and other relevant news and information will be on our News, Views and Press page. We would encourage you to visit this frequently so you are up to date on our products and services.

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If your country is not included above, please contact us to arrange special delivery.

Delivery times from order: Domestic (UK): 3 weeks; Worldwide: 4 weeks